In this difficult period of COVID-19 we're delivering fresh food to people in need.
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About us

GoCook is a mobile application and website that connects people to chef who can cook for them anytime anywhere. All you do is download our app or browse our website and in few clicks our chefs is on his way to your place. GoCook is the best answer to busy professionals, people with dietary needs and all people who are planning to entertain guests for special occasion but don’t have time to cook or skills to cook what their guests would like to eat.

Project Objectives

• To make it easy to get chefs when you need them

• Bringing in service that people can use 24/7

• To help chef reach many customers and earn a lot

• Increase awareness and trust in using online platforms

• Helping people to increase their cooking skills

Main Activities

Our main activity is to provide chefs to come and cook for you at your place anytime but we also do catering services to different events such as wedding, conferences, home parties, cocktail parties and so many others.

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